Trentino DOC

Schiava, a Trentino autochthonous grape variety, has always been cultivated on the typical terraced vineyards in Valle di Cembra.

Of a light red colour, Cembra Schiava has an elegant aroma evoking fresh red forest fruits. Soft and well-balanced on the palate, it has a slightly acidic note which marries well with traditional local dishes.

  • Vine

    Schiava (different varieties): Schiava Grigia, Schiava Grossa, Schiava Gentile, Schiava Meranese)

  • Vineyard location

    Valle di Cembra (TN)

  • Exposure and altitude

    East, South, West; 500-700 m ASL

  • Soil composition

    Silty-sandy, of porphyric origin

  • Training system

    Silty-sandy, of porphyric origin

  • Planting density

    4.500 vines/hectare

  • 4,500 vines/hectare

    Manual harvesting in early October; pre-fermentation for 36/48 hours; pressing; static decantation of the must; fermentation at controlled temperature in stainless steel tanks; ageing in fibre-glass reinforced tanks for about 4/5 months before bottling

Technical sheet