Oro Rosso

Ororosso Brut

OROROSSO comes from the expression used in the Cembra Valley to refer to the porphyry of volcanic origin present on the valley slopes. OROROSSO Brut is a Classic-Method sparkling wine produced with precious Chardonnay grapes grown on the steep slopes of the Cembra Valley at altitudes of more than 550 m above sea level. The high altitude, the favourable exposure to the sun and the wide temperature range between day and night typical of the area favour the development of the acidity characteristic of these areas and of the best mountain bubbles.


    Strong straw-yellow colour with a fine and refined fragrance with notes of ripened fruit and bread crust. In the mouth, the taste is full and persistent. Best accompanies fish, shellfish and carpaccio hors-d’oeuvres


    Upper Cembra Valley


    100% Chardonnay


    The Cembra Valley is narrow and V-shaped, with very steep slopes. Most of the vineyards are located on the right hydrographic side, the one most exposed to the sun. The soil has a predominantly sandy or sandy/loamy grain size and is not very rich in carbonates. The soils are on average deep with limited water reserve, medium rich in organic substance and good chemical and microbiological fertility. The Chardonnay grapes have found here an ideal habitat for obtaining sparkling spumante wine: stable acidity, low pH, with a not particularly high sugar content. This result is made possible by the strong relationship between the growing environment and the skilful hands of the winemakers


    The grapes are harvested in early September and pressed whole with a yield of 55% in must. The obtained sparkling wine base ages on its own yeasts until the month of May where drawing takes place. At least 30 months are needed in the bottle to reach the necessary evolution and balance before disgorgement


    80 hl/ha


    Alcohol: 12.5%vol
    Acidity: 6.4 g/l
    Sugars: 5 g/l




    about 30 months

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