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Our Vineyards

Impervious Valley

We are proud of our vineyards – distributed at altitudes ranging between 500 and 900 metres – Their poetic beauty catches the eye and enchants with its mesmerising stone-wall terraces.
Above all, we are proud to best represent the “true” meaning of heroic viticulture: in Cembra Valley we work on steep slopes, which often exceed a 40% gradient. Every procedure is to be necessarily carried out manually with care and dedication. Working in such steep and impervious environment requires greater strength and physical efforts, compared to hillside and valley-floor viticulture.

Cembra is set in the most important European basin of porphyry, also known as ‘red gold’ of the
valley, a rock that gives these high-altitude wines, both still and sparkling, three inimitable characteristics: extraordinary sapidity, minerality and persistence. A triumph of flavours and aromas that reveal the wonders of this hidden world that still preserves the best of the tradition and typical values of the Cembra Valley.

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The inner vocation
of the territory

The vineyards enjoy an extraordinary sun exposure and benefit from the mild touch of the Ora del Garda breeze, which gently blows over the vineyards, favouring a dry climate that is fundamental for preserving the grapes’ healthy growth. An optimal temperature range completes the microclimate and contributes to the aromatic bouquet and the right acidity of the wines.

These soils are generally loamy-sandy, rich in sand and carbonates, loose and well drained, but above all, of porphyritic origin.

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Heroic terraces

In this valley, the beauty of the mountains and viticulture merge in a charming and balanced landscape. A harmony between man and nature which comes from the courage, determination and love for the territory of the local winemakers, values that have been handed down from generation to generation. They are the ones who built, stone by stone, over 700 km of dry-stone walls to support the vineyards along the valley, balancing artisanal grace and extreme slopes.

In 2018, the art of dry-stone walls was included in the UNESCO Intangible Heritage List: a harmonious relationship between man and nature to be promoted and protected.

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